Our Chef de Cuisine is Tobias Ferś.


He basically grew up in the restaurant business since his parents and grand parents owned restaurants themselves. So, it was clear Tobias couldn't break with this the tradition - at a very young age, he knew one day he wanted to become a chef!


With 16 he left school to follow his dream. He made his apprenticeship at his father's restaurant since he himself learned at the one star Michelin awarded restaurant "Pfeffermühle" in Ettlingen (GER) under chef Peter Binoth and his wife Margot.

After his apprenticeship the family stuck together for a little while but the young cook needed more input and went on to new adventures.

He had the honour to work with some talented and authentic cooking chefs. So over the last few years Tobias was able to add Spanish, Italian, North- & Middle American and even the basics of Middle Eastern Cuisine to his knowledge of French & German Cuisine.  
All this knowledge is combined in his menu. 

While preparing the food, Tobias uses just natural ingredients - no convenience at all:
Fresh, local produce prepared with the traditional art of cooking.


"This is how it has to be done! Opening boxes and bags to stir some stuff together has nothing to do with being a chef!
SOUL FOOD is what I make - honest food that touches your soul, simple like that and the only way to achieve this, is good quality food  made with love."

- Tobias Ferś -

Leharkai 12

4820 Bad Ischl

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